Before, I discovered the practice of yoga and meditation my life looked completely different. After finishing the studies at Stockholm School of Economics I went straight on into strategy consulting. During this time, I was an anxious hardworking high-achiever who never relaxed. I suffered from all the stress-related disorders and aches that are out there and more importantly – I wasn’t able to feel true love, peace, and happiness. Looking back, I am not surprised. How would it be possible to live in these states when I believed in every single thought that popped up, when my mind was either in the past (analyzing) or in the future (planning)? Yoga and meditation techniques have showed me that it is possible to take control of my mind and that I can bring this mind to the present moment – the only time that exist. The way the techniques, I am using, work is that they bring us from our mind to also feel our body, which automatically brings us to this moment.

For me, it is obvious that there is a negative correlation between hours in front of a screen and hours of being present in the body. When we are working with our devices or sitting in a business meeting, we are fully identified with our mind and it is almost impossible to simultaneously feel our body sensations (believe me I have tried). Thus, perhaps the more we work, the more we will also benefit from practicing yoga and meditation.

From all of my heart, I am passionate about sharing these practices at offices. The past years, I have been teaching at a lot of different companies such as Boston Consulting Group, ICA, Metro, Nordea, Länsförsäkringar, Modin Åkerlind, Spotify, Adecco, Niam and more. The classes looks very different at each company – some likes to flow in yoga clothes, some wants to relax on the mat, some like to focus on meditation and breathing in chairs, some classes are arranged at the actual office and others in a yoga studio or a conference facility. Nevertheless, the feedback is usually the same – people feel less stressed and more alive, happy, and present afterwards. I have no doubt, that such feelings will increase the bottom line too!

Contact me if you are interested in weekly classes or a one-time yoga session or for example on a conference, health-, or developing day.



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