When I discovered the practice of yoga and meditation a new life began – a life with more presence, love, and harmony. This shift has been so powerful that I see no other choice than sharing it with people around me – with you. I truly believe that the spread of these practices alone will make the world to a better place.

After five years of studies at Stockholm School of Economics, and one year of work as a strategy consultant I know what it is like to live a stressful and demanding city life. A life completely driven by the mind – a mind that is never satisfied, a mind that is either it is in the past (analyzing) or in the future (planning).

It sounds like a cliché but these practices have truly showed me that the only way to happiness is to be in and accept the present moment. And the only way for me to enter this moment is to first arrive in my body. Thereafter, I can practice acceptance and non-judgmental awareness of what is showing up in that moment.

This is why I use yoga postures, meditation, and relaxation techniques to guide people from their mind into an exploration of their bodies, breath, and inner landscapes. I strive to always create an open and safe space where you get the chance to listen to your body and make the practice to your own.

Moreover, my attempt is to only teach what I have truly experienced myself – I want to share my personal practice. A practice that is constantly changing and inspired by everything around me – teachers, friends, students, life, nature, music, travels, and much more.

I am especially grateful for all the teachers, trainings, and techniques I have come across so far. Particularly, I want to recommend and mention my major yoga teacher trainings in India at Sampoorna Yoga (with Deepak Sharma)and at Brahmani yoga  (with Julie Martin). I am also very thankful for the more specialized trainingsI have been a part of, which include Hatha Yoga (with Ratheesh Mani), Restorative Yoga (with Jodi Boone), BioDynamic Breath and trauma Release (with Giten Tonkov) and Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (with James Winston). Moreover, I am happy for the university studies in anatomy, physiology, and diet that widened my knowledge of our beautiful bodies. Besides that, I am forever grateful for having the practice of Vipassana meditation in my life and the “Goenka” retreats I could be part of so far.

There are many different and amazing styles of yoga and meditation out there – I don’t believe we need to pick one. Thus, I am always mixing and matching different yoga forms such as Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Restorative, SUP, Yin with Breathwork techniques as well as with Vipassana- and Osho-meditations.

I love my job. And I appreciate every single day I can share these practices with people at yoga studios, events, companies, teacher trainings, retreats etc.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you got any questions. Hope seeing you on the mat soon!